The Northern Lincolnshire GP Speciality Training Programme is part of the Yorkshire and Humber School of Primary Care. It is based in Scunthorpe and Grimsby. We are a small but friendly GP Speciality Training Programme.

The aim of the scheme is to allow trainees to develop into complete General Practitioners so that they can provide excellent primary healthcare for their patients and also accept responsibility for their own educational development throughout their professional careers.

Assessment: Throughout the training period formative assessment will take place. Each GP Trainer or Consultant will discuss this with their trainees in detail. The assessment package is designed to demonstrate areas of strength and weakness so that the curriculum of training can be adapted to suit the needs of the trainee. The educational supervision throughout the 3 years will be given by the same named individual (where possible) to better facilitate learning. Trainees are encouraged to sit for postgraduate diplomas such as the DRCOG, DCH and FSRH.

Half Day Release: The nature of these educational sessions has evolved over the years with the majority of work being done in small groups with a programme director facilitating. A wide variety of resources and techniques are used in these sessions.

These half day release meetings take place at

Development and Education Centre
Butterwick House
Scunthorpe General Hospital
DN15 7BH


The Education Centre
Princess of Wales Hospital
DN33 2BA

The aim of the sessions is to consider areas of practice not usually found in text books, to develop a self directed approach to learning, to develop a supportive learning group for trainees and prevent isolation. The curriculum of the sessions is based upon the RCGP curriculum and the needs of the small groups. Trainees are actively encouraged to take part in preparation of topics for these sessions. Alongside the half day release programme there are also whole day teaching sessions approximately 5 times a year to cover subjects that require more time. These take place at a number of venues across the area and often involve simulators and “hands on” experience. Trainees are encouraged to attend clinics in those specialities which may not be covered by the hospital attachments. All consultants are delighted to arrange sessions for those who wish to make use of this facility.

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